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Our most popular tour. Setting out from Hokianga by coach, your Maori guide will brief you on the protocols for your visit to the mighty Waipoua Forest. Stepping into our special world you will be walking under the same stars that guided our ancestor Kupe from legendary Hawaiiki to New Zealand. On the paths of the forest we meet trees that were already giants before his arrival and that were standing before the birth of Christ.

You will experience the affinity that early Maori had with the forest and the deep spiritual respect they hold for the giants still growing there. Learn of the rich bird life and other fauna that inhabits the forest and witness the transitions of life and the day turning into the night.


Footprints Waipoua are able to provide full coach tour options for any special groups. We have experience in catering to the cruise ship markets, educational groups and independent travel group travel markets. 
We can even provide meals or luxury accommodation to suit all needs.

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The highlight of the tour will be your meeting with 'The Lord of the Forest' - the giant Tane Mahuta! Your guide will formally greet the silent giant and then suddenly you stand dwarfed before his Lordship as the darkness closes in. His gnarled ancient limbs seem to grasp at the stars and the forest is silent but for the dim chatter of its night creatures.


As night falls, the shyest creatures of the forest awaken and begin to go about their work. You may encounter insects like weta, nocturnal birds, eels, fresh-water lobsters or the magnificent but slightly chilling giant carnivorous 'kauri' snail. Deep in the forest among the towering trees and surrounded by the sounds of the nocturnal creatures awakening, you will meet Te Matua Ngahere - 'The Father of the Forest'. At between 2,500 and 3,000 years old he is the oldest known kauri tree in the world. Your guide will greet this giant as an old friend.


Ngapuhi (local tribe) guides share the stories their ancestors taught them as children. Capturing the legends of the Atua (forest gods), the waiata (songs),the rongoa (medicine) and their magic.

As kaitiaki (guardians) we will share these stories, the science and the challenges for the forests future.

We trust you enjoy the beauty, the journey, and the need to protect such a precious taonga (treasure)'

Tāne Mahuta By Candlelight

Join our Maori guides on what Lonely Planet Code Green describes as an experience of a lifetime: 1 of 82 amazing journeys and life changing experiences in the world.

The spiritual environment of the Waipoua Forest provides a natural stage for an unforgettable Footprints Waipoua encounter with some of the largest remaining kauri trees in the world.


'Step into our World' and let our local guides take you on a memorable journey through nature's stages of evolution, whilst providing a mythological and interactive interpretation of life in the forest.


Meet our ancestors; the mighty Te Matua Ngahere ('The Father of the Forest') estimated to be between 2,500 and 3,000 years old, his mighty girth of 16 metres diameter. 'The Four Sisters' are a graceful collection of kauri trees that have grown close together in sibling harmony and finally, Tane Mahuta ('The Lord of the Forest') who stands an impressive 51 metres (150ft) tall.


Join us at Footprints Waipoua for an intimate encounter to learn how these trees are inter-twined with the lives of local Maori and the important role they play in the eco-system that is the Waipoua Forest.


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A truly special experience

We were lucky enough to take the nighttime walk with Merepaea and it was phenomenal listening to her explain the Maori history and culture and her beautiful chants and prayers. The trees are incredible and awe inspiring. This is a must do for anyone visiting the northern island of New Zealand.

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